What is Instant Postcard Wealth?

Are you here to check out what is instant postcard wealth?

Are you looking for an honest ‘instant postcard wealth review’ from someone who joined the program and experienced what it’s like to be a member?

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As I search for make money at home programs I stumbled upon ‘instant postcard wealth’. It looks very promising and since mailing a postcard seems very easy, I joined the program almost instantly.

I am not very techie, so I love programs that would involve very little to zero computer knowledge and this program fell into that category.

Is this the make money at home program that I have been looking for? Let’s find out!

Let’s uncover together the truth about this program.

What is instant postcard wealth?

Name: Instant Postcard Wealth (IPW)

Website URL: http://postcardstowealth.com

Owners: Adam & Tony

Instant postcard wealth is a make money at home program where you can make money sending postcards.

They’ll teach you how you can make $98 per sign up over and over again for the rest of your life.

At their website, there’s no mention of any products be it a physical or digital. All you need to do to make money is send postcards and how you can make $98 per sign up over and over again from doing so.

It’s like the lighter approach for ‘cash gifting’ but as you look at it for what it really is you’ll begin to realize, it is no different than cash gifting.

You send money to your sponsor and people sends money to you with no physical or digital product involve, the same with cash gifting.

And your only means of making money with the program is through recruiting people just like cash gifting.

How much does it cost to join?

To join the program, it will cost you $98 a month. But the expenses doesn’t stop there.

In order for you start your business you need a website and that is step 3 inside members area. Unlike other programs, their is a set up payment of $59 a year for using their website.

And not only that you need to pay $69 a year if you want to use their lead capture pages, $50 if you want to optimize your site, another $30 if you want to have a fancy looking page for your sign ups so they won’t have a boring buying experience and the list goes on.

Before I even sent a single postcard, I already spent more than $300 to set up my website so I have a place for people to go to when they receive my postcards.

Because my aim is to make money online and live on my own terms, I was very much willing to spend money on things that are necessary for my success on this program.

How does it work?

It’s pretty straight forward you send a postcard and you make money with it.

I was really excited at that because anyone can mail a postcard including me.

Sounds easy, right?

So, the big question is:

Can I really make money sending postcards?

Let’s examine closely on how you can make money using their program.

At members area you will find modules that you can follow to set up your account and start making money.

In module 4, you will find how you can ramp up your profits which basically is just showing you how you can make money with the system.

Let me summarize the video:

At 1st campaign you are told to mail 1000 postcards. Inside the video, it mentioned that the cost of mailing 1000 postcards is $400.

Let’s look at the facts of how much does it really cost to mail out 1000 postcards.

To buy leads from their company, 1000 leads delivered to you in labels is $135.

Postcard postage at $0.35 each is $350.

Printing 1000 postcards is about $35 and that is the black and white cheapest quality you can ever get.

Total of $520.

That’s $120 short of what I anticipated on spending on my first campaign according to the video in ramping up your profits inside members area.

Now, let’s take a look at your profits on mailing out 1000 postcards.

In the video, it tells you that if your campaign is successful the buy rate percentage is at 1% so 1000×1% is 10 sales which is equals to $980.

1st Campaign:

Cost: $520

Gross Profit: 1% buy rate is 10 sales at $98 is equals to $980.

Net Profit: Gross Profit ($980) – Cost ($520) = $460

So, you made a net profit of $460 from your 1st campaign and that is if your campaign is successful.

Let’s keep going as the video tells us.

On your 2nd campaign, the video suggested that you double your mailing to 2000 postcards which will cost you $1,040 considering the numbers above for mailing cost.

It also tells you to roll your previous campaign gross profit to maximize your income potentials.

2nd Campaign:

Total Cost: Previous Gross Profit ($980) – Current Campaign Cost ($1,040) = -$60

From your previous earnings of $980 you need to add $60 more to mail out 2000 postcards.

Another out of pocket cost for you.

Gross Profit: 1% buy rate is 20 at $98 per sign up is $1,960.

Now, to 3rd Campaign.

Module 4 video keeps on going until 6th Campaign so we’ll follow through until the 6th campaign and let’s see how much money we will be making.

At 3rd campaign, we are advised to mail out 4000 postcards.

Total Cost: Previous Gross Profit ($1,960) – Current Campaign Cost ($2,080) = -$120

Because we double the amount of postcards to mail out, so, we’ll also double the cost from our previous campaign.

It feels like every campaign we are on the negative side.

No profit so far and we are on the 3rd campaign already.

But, that’s not how the video explains it to you.

Because they lied about the amount of money you are going to spend to mail out postcard so it looks like you will gain Profits every campaign.

Gross Profit: at 1% buy rate is 40 sale at $98 a sign up is $3,920.

Here comes campaign #4 at 8,000 postcards to mail out.

Total Cost: Previous Gross Profit ($3,920) – Current Campaign Cost ($4,160) = -$240

Gross Profit: 1% buy rate is 80 sales at $98 is $7,840.

Next is campaign #5 at 16,000 postcards to mail out.

Total Cost: Previous Gross Profit ($7,840) – Current Campaign Cost ($8,320) = -$480

Gross Profit: At 1% buy rate is 160 sales at $98 per sign up is $15,680.

Wow! That’s a lot of numbers.

But one thing I noticed thou, of all the campaigns that I do the math, there was none that I gained profits.

It was all negative.

I always have ‘out of pocket expenses’ as I roll my Gross profit to my next Campaign.

I am not making money, I am losing money and that’s only sending the postcards. Not to consider my out of pocket expense for being a member to the program and setting my website.

And finally, let’s check out Campaign #6.

By then, because the numbers are so high you are advised to start outsourcing your Campaign and they are nice enough to give you the resources on where you can do just that.

Another income for the company owners and another out of pocket expenses for you.

Your expenses just keeps adding up and your profit is not.

Yeah I get it, you need to spend money to earn money but just looking at these numbers it’s getting way out of hand and so unrealistic.

The video ended there with no realistic numbers as he himself know, that is not achievable. He is just selling hype.

No more. No less!

So you’re question, can I make money sending postcards? No! Not with this program you won’t.

Is this a legitimate work at home program?

My verdict!

This is not a legitimate work at home program.

Don’t fall for it.

I did fell for it and spent a bunch of money and hours in exchange for hypes and sugar coated promises.

But if you are really interested in making money online, check out my most recommended site for making money online.

You don’t have to recruit others to make money.

You don’t have to rely on people to sign up under you to make money.

You’ll make money based on your hard work and dedication to make money online.

You call the shots not your ability to recruit.

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